Lines of Flight (for bassoon, percussion, and sine tone activated thunder sheet - 2016)
Hommage à... (for oboe, electric guitar, and live electronics - 2015)
House (a long duration sound environment with video in collaboration with John Neeson - ongoing since 2014)

(G)Roundings (for violin and electronics. Commissioned by Jubal Fulks - 2013)
Articulations in a Barren Landscape (for percussion quartet. Commissioned by Iktus Percussion - 2012)
Vexations: After Erik Satie (for MAX/MSP and live processing - 2012)
We Will Magnify Our Tongues (soprano, clarinet and piano - 2011)
Being for Time Now (flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello - 2011)
Chora (2 pianos and 2 percussion - 2010)
Lichtung (violin, horn and electronics - 2009)
Crossing Into and From... (percussion trio - 2009)
Mutable Gestures for a Confined Space (violin and toy piano - 2009) 
Sifting the Contents of Time (piano 4 hands - 2008)
Toward Innumerable Futures (2 singers, 18 instruments and amplified melting ice - 2008)
Color Fields (solo double bass - 2007)
Screens (soprano and auxiliary percussion - 2006)
Midnight (violin and piano)
Transits (string quartet)
Four Images of Sleep (clarinet, piano and percussion)
Three Songs on Texts by e.e. cummings (soprano, viola and 2 percussionists)
Improvisation II (solo double bass)
Improvisation I
(Re)Visiting Machaut (fixed media)
Two Pieces for Personal Use (orchestra)
Construction on Two Paintings by Walter Quirt (flute, clarinet, ‘cello and piano)
(Re)Invention after J.S. Bach (2 pianos)
Three Duos (violin and ‘cello)
For Richard Will (fixed media)